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Moulding Available

Ferche Millwork

Moldings perform many functions as well as add architectural interest. 
covers the unfinished edge between sheetrock and jambs around windows and doors.
provides a finished look at the floor line.
is used to protect a wall from chair damage or to separate the upper and lower walls which may have different colors or textures.
is used as an architectural accent, defining the ceiling line with an interesting shape, texture or color.

AZEK Mouldings

Developed with breakthrough technology, AZEK Mouldings have the same look and feel of AZEK Trim. AZEK Mouldings are available in the most popular moulding profiles and feature the same crisp detail found in authentic wood mouldings, with the longevity and durability AZEK Products are known for, insuring your project will look great year after year. Impervious to moisture and insects, AZEK Mouldings won’t rot, crack or split. AZEK Mouldings can be installed using traditional tools and fasteners. For custom applications, AZEK Moulding products can be laminated and heat formed to create curved moulding details.